Mr. Arun Goel is Founder of my kids’ (Founded in 2011, which is a chain of preschool) Adwitiya Innovative International School (Founded in 2016). He is an MBA (Finance & Marketing) with a rich experience of 9 years with MNCs in financial sector. He is AMFI, IRDA, and LICENTIATE certified professional and has undergone a comprehensive training on Montessori education for early childhood education. He primarily looks after Developing systems, Franchise operation, Developing business, Setting up of school, Marketing, Branding and enabling manpower. He has conducted numerous sessions on multiple subjects of his expertise and interest. He has been conferred many awards and prizes for the work in the field of financial and Education sector.

Mrs. Isha Goel is the Principal of my kids’ .She is a Versatile personality since the beginning had been participating, winning in debates, various sports, and music. She had been a trained and renowned Odissi dancer as well and performed in more than a hundred programs. Since the birth of my kids’ in  2011 Isha has been a pivotal cog in the wheel. In 2014 she formally elevated to group principal post and since then she has been managing the show beautifully. She made a visionary, loyal and a very strong team under her leadership and is improving the organisation in each and every aspect day in day out. Organisation’s mission to bringing out best from each child is becoming a reality due to her zeal and commitment towards providing a world class education at the affordable cost. She says it is truly exciting to be with these little ones and wished that this journey never ends.

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